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Personal Injury Attorney & Workmans Comp Lawyers

Accident compensation law firm Benjamin & Shapiro, Ltd. has been helping people recover compensation and occupational medicine fees for over forty years. We are based in the heart of the Chicago Loop, literally steps from the courthouse. Our lawyers at Benjamin & Shapiro, Ltd. specialize in taking difficult cases to trial, when settlement is not possible.

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Accident and Injury Compensation

We are determined to help you recover all possible compensation for:
        • auto accident through negligence
        • trucking accident
        • slip and fall
        • trip and fall
        • animal bite
        • medical malpractice
        • product liability
        • workman’s compensation
        • other negligence problems

Call or e-mail today to set-up your free consultation, and remember, WE DO NOT RECOVER UNLESS YOU DO!

Personal Injury Courtroom and Trial Experience

Occupational compensation cases or accident injury cost recoveries are ideally settled prior to litigation and trial. However, sometimes it is simply not possible; and that’s where the team of lawyers at Benjamin & Shapiro, Ltd., has an edge over most law firms.
• During Illinois Jury Verdict reporter’s recorded statistics, Benjamin & Shapiro, Ltd., was listed
        in the top three Plaintiff’s law firms for the amount of cases taken to jury trial each year.
• We are among the most experienced trial law firms in Chicago.
        We’ve seen just about everything over the years!

Personal & Occupational Compensation for the Greater Illinois Area

Another factor which separates Benjamin & Shapiro, Ltd., is our ability and eagerness to help clients outside of Cook County. Unlike many personal injury firms based in the Chicago Loop, the team of lawyers at Benjamin & Shapiro, Ltd., handles many cases outside of Cook County. Whether the case is in Lake County, Will County, DuPage County, Kane County, Kankakee County, or elsewhere in the State of Illinois, our lawyers will work tirelessly to ensure the best possible outcome through settlement with the insurance company of the negligent party, with the negligent party himself, or through litigation up to and including a trial by jury.


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Compensation Hope with Benjamin & Shapiro, Ltd.

Whether you believe your case is the proverbial slam dunk (it never is), or even if you think “there is no way I can ever recover for this injury” (there generally is a way), Benjamin & Shapiro, Ltd., is a group of experienced lawyers who can help you recover the most possible compensation for your injuries.
As our Basketball jersey says under our logo: Benjamin & Shapiro, Ltd., Experience in and on the Court!

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